Jared Cavaness

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Jared Cavaness – Spanish Teacher for 7 years at CVHS.

His 200 students call him “Profe Cav”

He is both a certified scuba diver and skydiver but finds language acquisition much more exhilarating than both of those activities.

He has diverse musical tastes and knows most all of the lyrics to the songs of George Jones, Tupac, and Mana, a Mexican Band.

He is always singing while in the car, cleaning the house or making copies at school.

Jared has been married 10 years and has 3 children. He and his wife still want a couple of more kids.

Mr. Cavaness takes pride in that he is productive at work,

and reproductive at home.

Dynamic Dinner VIP Waiter Introductions

First, thank you so much for volunteering to be a VIP Waiter for the Dynamic Dinner. 

The MC for the event will be making a spectacular introduction for each of you. One by one, you'll be called out as the MC reads your BIO sheet. We've created this page to facilitate you getting your preferred introductory text to us. Easy peasy! 

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