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ATTENTION Castro Valley high school and Redwood high school seniors! Apply for many locally-sponsored scholarships through the CVEF Scholarship Program. Access the worksheet and online application, or contact Ms. Melanie Small at the CVHS Career Center. Deadline for submission is April 1, 2013. One application will allow you to be considered for all scholarships available.

$20,000 Dr. Mary Jane Stamm Scholarship: For promising students with financial need. Minimum 3.5 GPA required and submission of SAR ($5k/yr for 4 years)

$1500 - $2500 Castro Valley Rotary Endowment Scholarships (2): For students of all skills and interests with financial need. Includes one scholarship for a student who will attend junior college or vocational school.

$1500 - $2500 Castro Valley Rotary Endowment Scholarship: For students of all skills and interests with financial need who will attend junior college or vocational school.

$1000 Joe & Elaine Pasqual Education Scholarships (2): For students interested in careers in Primary or Secondary School Teaching.

$1000+ CVHS Class of ’91 Public Service Scholarship: For students interested in careers dedicated to public service.

$1000 Lauren C. Poon, MD Memorial Scholarship: For students interested in careers in Medicine or Healthcare fields.

$1000 Joe Matteucci Memorial Scholarship: For students interested in careers in Criminal Justice.

$1000 Wells Fargo & Co. Community Scholarships (3): For graduating seniors who have demonstrated leadership, achievement, and potential in various areas of study.

$500 Chuck Fehely Memorial Scholarships (2): For outstanding student/athletes.

$500 Dr. Joshua Fong Memorial Scholarships (2): for students of Chinese descent.

$500 CVHS Athletic Boosters/Gene Johnson Scholarship (4): For student /athletes who have participated in varsity sports at CVHS. Must be enrolled in a college or trade school program. Letter of recommendation required from present or former CVHS or club team coach.

$250 - 500 Felix Elizalde La Raza Education Fund Scholarships(3):for Latino students interested in mass media (radio, internet, news, magazines, TV, journalism, or related technical fields), or in graphic or visual arts, and with financial need.

$500 Castro Valley Educational Foundation Scholarship: For students exhibiting academic excellence and interest in the sciences.

$500 Castro Valley Educational Foundation Scholarship: For students exhibiting academic excellence and interest in a teaching career.

$500 CVHS PTSA Scholarship: For students who demonstrate a commitment to outstanding community service. Must be a PTSA member.

$500 Body By Pam/$500 Body By Pam/Kenneth Ey Memorial Scholarship: For a CVHS Senior who demonstrates the principles of healthy living and strives to exemplify these principles in his/her everyday life.

$500 Body By Pam/Amelia M. Ey Memorial Scholarship: for a CVHS Senior who will be majoring in Political Science or a related field.

$500 Eden Medical Center Scholarship: For students seeking careers in the health sciences.

$500 Charles Duerig Memorial Scholarship: For a student who has interests in engineering, band, running sports, Boy Scouts, mountaineering or attending Columbia University.

$500 Castro Valley Arts Foundation Scholarships (2-4)For graduating students who have participated or supported performing or visual arts events held at the Castro Valley Center for the Arts. Letter of recommendation required from teacher, mentor, director, producer or other arts-related adult.

$250+ Eden Emergency Dept. Nursing Scholarship: for outstanding students interested in a career in nursing.

$200 Bill Southam Memorial Scholarship: For students who have taken Honors Chemistry and are interested in careers Science or Engineering.

This space is reserved for YOUR scholarship. Contact Dr. Neal Fong today!

More scholarships may be announced in the coming months, so be sure to apply even if you don't see a scholarship that fits your interest.

Parents, Businesses, Clubs & Organizations:

If you would like to be involved in our scholarship effort to create more scholarships for our Castro Valley students, please contact Dr. Neal Fong at C (510) 209-6321, W (510) 523-5121 or e-mail If you belong to an organization, business,or club that might want to support our students through scholarships, or if you wish to honor a loved one through a scholarship, we would be happy to discuss possibilities with you or your group.

Become a Scholarship Sponsor / Donor and invest in the future of our Castro Valley youth!

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