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CVEF Booth at Fall Festival (September)- Chairperson: Shelli Cmelak - Committee Members: Athena Stanford

This committee organizes the schedule for people to work the CVEF booth during the Castro Valley Fall Festival.

Communications (ongoing)- Chairperson: Rita Mateo - Committee Members: Winda Shimizu

This committee creates the monthly newsletter and other announcements regarding events sponsored by CVEF.

Dental Screening (February) - Chairperson: Neal Fong - Committee Members: Shelli Cmelak

This committee coordinates with local dental professionals to offer free dental screening all 4th grade students.

Dynamic Dinner (October or November) - Chairperson: Matt Kaser - Committee Members: Rita Mateo, Athena Stanford, Jane Peluso, Cathy Grandison, Shelli Cmelak, David Fencsik

This committee organizes all aspects of the Dynamic Dinner which is held to raise funds for the mini-grant program.

Foundation Academy (July) - Chairperson: Gary Howard - Committee Members: Matt Kaser

The Foundation Academy sponsors summer enrichment and preparation classes for middle and high school students. The committee arranges the classes, classrooms, and teachers. They also accept enrollments and troubleshoot the classes as needed.  

Foundation - Faculty Awards (May / June) - Chairperson: Gary Howard - Committee Members: Rita Mateo

Winners of the Foundation-Faculty Awards are selected by the CVHS faculty in each discipline. The awards are presented at the Senior Awards Evening. CVEF prepares the certificates.

Foundation Lecture Series (Ongoing) - Chairperson: Gary Howard - Committee Members: David Fencsik

The purpose of the lectures is to bring prominent scientists and other scholars to Castro Valley for the benefit of our students and community. There are about three lectures per year at the Center for the Arts. The planning involves selecting and inviting speakers, preparing and distributing the advertising for the event, and the activities of the event itself. We also arrange for light refreshments for the guests and speaker after the event.

Friend of Education Awards (May / June) - Chairperson: Jennifer Kline - Committee Members: TBD

This committee reviews nominations received through the website and selects a winner in each of the following categories: Teacher or Administrator, Parent or Guardian, Business or Organization and a Classified School Employee.

Foundation Prizes (ongoing) Chairperson: Gary Howard - Committee Members: TBD

CVEF selects students for the Foundation Prize based on exceptional efforts in any discipline by a student. The prize can be given for scientific research, writing, art, and other academic work. The committee assists students in identifying appropriate projects and mentors.

Golf Tournament Fundraiser (May) - Chairperson: Steve Ontiveros - Committee Members: TBD

Golf Tournament held a Willow Park in Castro Valley and sponsored by a local business to raise funds for the schools.  This committee coordinates sponsors, players and offers prizes at a benefit dinner after a day of golf.

History Project (ongoing) Chairperson: Gary Howard - Committee Members: TBD

In the history project, CVHS students interview Castro Valley residents about their experiences at historic events. The committee arranges the interview guests. The interviews and photographs of the students and witness will be published in a book for our local libraries. 

Membership/Registration (ongoing) - Chairperson: OPEN - Committee Members: TBD

This committee is responsible for coordinating CVEF presence at the school registration days, acquiring members and all fundraising efforts.

Mini-Grant Committee (December / January) - Co-chairpersons: Matt KaserJane Peluso - Committee Members: Shelli Cmelak, Jennifer Kline, Jim Negri, Jennifer Wyllie-Pletcher.

This committee reviews the mini-grant applications submitted by teachers and parents who participate in student activities and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors. Also presents to the recipients at the Board of Education meeting. 

Poetry & Art (March or April) - Chairpersons: Winda Shimizu - Committee Members: TBD

This committee is responsible for working in conjunction with the teachers of the Middle and High Schools to put on a show that showcases the students' writing and art to depict their writings.

Scholarships (January to April) - Chairperson: Neal Fong - Committee Members: Steve Ontiveros, Terry Bailey, Jennifer Kline

This committee works to recruit scholarship sponsors, reviews all the scholarship applications and makes recommendations based on the scholarship criteria.  Winners are announced at Senior Night.

Scholarship Workshop (March) - Chairperson: Winda Shimizu - Committee Members: TBD

This committee coordinates with the Castro Valley Library to offer students tips on completing a scholarship application that will stand out.

School Matters Essay Contest (February) - Chairperson: Steve Ontiveros - Committee Members: Brian Murrell, Edward Mateo

This contest is open to all students 4th to 12th grade.  The committee reviews the submissions and selects the winners to be announced at a later date.

Science Festival and Middle School Challenge (May) - Chairperson: TBD.  Committee Members: Gary Howard, Mike Farbarik, Matt Kaser

The science festival is a free, day-long event that features science exhibits and activities for students and adults of all ages. It takes place on the firstSaturday in May at Castro Valley High School. In addition to set up the day before and the activities of the day, the committee meets a few times beginning in January to plan the event. 

Stamm Investments (ongoing) - Chairperson: Matt Kaser - Committee Members: Gary Howard, Neal Fong, and David Fencsik.

This committee determines the best investment strategy for the Stamm Scholarship endowment.

Writing Workshop (January or February) - Chairperson: Winda Shimizu - Committee Members: Gary Howard, Jennifer Kline.

This committee coordinates the writing workshop bringing together teachers and authors to instruct Middle and High School students on writing techniques and getting works published.



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