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Our 2018 CVEF Scholarship Application is now available. Apply here. Submission deadline is 11:30 PM PST April 1, 2018. 

Joseph Matteucci Memorial Scholarship:  $1,000 for a student who is interested in a  career in law enforcement, criminal justice or any career that promotes violence prevention.

CVHS Class of 91 Public Service Scholarship:  $500 for a student who intends to pursue a career in public service or the not for profit sector.

Charles Duerig Memorial Scholarship:  $500 for an outstanding student who has interests in engineering, band, running sports, Boy Scouts, mountaineering, or attending Cornell University and who has a passion for math, science, and adventure.

CV First Scholarship:  (2) $500 scholarships for a student who has demonstrated participation in their local church, a record of community activity or church related service, an excellent academic record and an intent to carry their faith into their adult lives.

Lauren C. Poon, M.D. Memorial Scholarships:  (2) $500 or (1) $1,000 for an outstanding student desiring a career in medicine, public health, or the allied health professions. 

Joe and Elaine Pasqual Scholarship:  $1,000 for a student who desires a career as an elementary or secondary educator.

Dr. Mary Jane Stamm Scholarship:  $20,000 (renewable for $5,000 per year a maximum of 4 years for a total of $20,000) to a meritorious student who demonstrates financial need and is a resident of Castro Valley.

CVEF Teaching Scholarship:  $500 for an outstanding student seeking a career in teaching.

The Eastern European Heritage Scholarship: (1) $500 scholarship for an outstanding student who displays strong academic performance and extra curricular activities while honoring his or her Eastern European heritage.  This scholarship is presented to students of Eastern European heritage.

CVEF Science Scholarship:  $500 for an outstanding student who has demonstrated strength in the sciences.

Dr. Neal Fong Memorial Scholarship:  $500 for a student who has demonstrated academic excellence, compassion and respect for others, and integrity in personal belief.

Body by Pam/Kenneth Ey Memorial Scholarship:  $500 for a student who exemplifies healthy living habits and inspires others to do so.

Body by Pam/Amelia M. Ey Memorial Scholarship:  $500 for a student who is interested in a career in Political/Social Science or who has an interest or interesting experience in either field.

CVHS PTSA Scholarship:  $500 for a student who is a member of the PTSA and has demonstrated outstanding community service.

Oh The Places You’ll Go!  Korbas Family Scholarship:  $500 for an outstanding hard working student who has the desire to go places.  This award recognizes the Korbas Family’s love of travel.  Minimum GPA 3.5.

Lynn Pletcher Memorial Scholarship:  (2) $1,000 for a student who has overcome obstacles in their life to achieve their education.

CVAF Scholarships:  (1) $500 CVAF sponsored and (3) $500 Melissa and Jim Phillips Sponsored For a student who has made significant contributions to performing arts/visual arts in the Castro Valley Center for the Arts.  The student must have participated in various productions/events held at the Center in drama/performance, choral or instrumental music/performance, artist/exhibit, or technical theater support.

Eden Medical Center Nursing Scholarship:  $500 for an outstanding pre-nursing student who is seeking a career in this vital health service profession.

Dr. Joshua Fong Memorial Scholarship:  $500 for a student of Chinese descent.  Minimum GPA 3.4.

Felix Elizalde La Raza Education Fund Scholarships:  (2) $500 and (1) $250 for a Latino student interested in mass media (radio, internet, news, magazines, TV, journalism, or related technical fields) or in graphic/visual arts.  Student must demonstrate financial need.

CVHS Athletic Boosters Scholarships:  (3) $1000 for a student athlete who has participated in varsity sports at CVHS and has used athletics to enrich their lives or the lives of others.  Letter of recommendation required from current or former CVHS or club team coach.

Castro Valley Women's Club Scholarships:  (3) $1,000 for a student who has participated in community service, extracurricular activities or student government and who plans to attend a 4-year college, community college or accredited vocational school.  Minimum GPA 3.0.

Castro Valley Rotary Scholarships: (2) $750 and (3) $2,300 Scholarships are awarded to students based on their academic achievement, financial need, community service, student involvement, and extra-curricular activities.

Teri Jokerst Scholarship:  $1,000 for a student in the special education program who wants to continue their education.  This scholarship was established in 2015 by Ed Jokerst and the Castro Valley Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma to honor the late Teri Jokerst.  Teri was a dedicated special education teacher at Castro Valley High and a tireless advocate for students with special needs.

Rani Gupta Memorial Foundation Scholarship:  $500 for a student who has selflessly been a leader in one of the following areas:  non-profit work, community rebuilding, recycling, gardening, construction, painting, sewing, repairing, or wood work and who has a continued desire to leave the world a better place.  This scholarship was established in 2017 by Rani's family led by her grandkids Ashir and Akshay.  In Rani's 65 years of life, she was a pillar of strength, compassion, understanding and love.  She lived life to the fullest everyday and was happiest when she was doing things from the heart with the use of her hands and creative mind.  This year this scholarship is being awarded to a student whose accomplishments and character Rani would be very proud to support.

Sunshine Scholaship:  $1250 for a student who shows kindness towards others on a regular basis.  Must have taken two years of German at CVHS.  Question specific to scholarship:  “How do you show kindness towards others on a daily basis?”


Ready? Applications open February 2018.

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Assist us in our efforts to create more scholarships for our Castro Valley students! If you know of or belong to a business, organization, or family interested in creating a scholarship, please contact CVEF Scholarship Co-Chairs, Jennifer Pletcher and Amit Gupta at: scholarships@CVEF.org. If you are interested in helping with the effort and can donate some time, help us broaden our network, or would like to contribute funds, we’d love to have you join us as we invest in the future of our Castro Valley students!

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