Castro Valley Educational Foundation is a 501(c)(3) corporation that is community-based and promotes excellence in the educational experience of students in the Castro Valley Unified School District (CVUSD).

In collaboration with the Castro Valley Unified School District and the school/parent organizations, CVEF provides resources and programs that maintain exceptional academic opportunities.

CVEF supports a total of twelve award winning schools in CVUSD, including two high schools, two middle schools, and nine elementary schools.

The Challenge

Funding for schools in California is not enough to provide the excellence in education that we want for our children. California is ranked 41st in the nation in allocating funds per student. Our goal is to raise funds for worthy educational programs affected by budget reductions.  CVEF will be working closely with CVUSD to identify programs and educational opportunities that require funding during the current budget deficit.

How Does Your Child Benefit

Castro Valley Educational Foundation (CVEF) awards grants to CVUSD teachers, district employees, students, and parents for programs that enrich each student’s educational experience.

CVEF sponsors educational activities that complement classroom instruction, such as Science Olympiad and Science Lectures. In the past, CVEF sponsored Creative Writing workshops, and provided funding for Outdoor School, Elementary School Music, Elementary School Track, and Class size reduction.

How We Support Our Schools

CVEF recognizes the achievement of students, teachers and community members through our Scholarship Program, Foundation Faculty Awards, and Friends of Education Awards.