The Dr. Mary Jame Stamm Scholarship is for high achieving students who would otherwise be unable to attend the college of their choice.

Mary Jane Stamm, B.S., M.D., 1915-2007

The Endowment

On October 2, 2007, the Castro Valley Educational Foundation was honored to receive a substantial bequest from the estate of the late Dr. Mary Jane Stamm in the amount of $750,000.  The Castro Valley Educational Foundation will administer the endowment in accordance with Dr Stamm’s last will and testament in perpetuity. The Bequest requires that a $20,000 scholarship be awarded annually.

Dr Stamm’s generous legacy provides for student scholarships to a four-year college and continues her commitment to the students of Castro Valley High School.  The $22,000 scholarships are to awarded annually to at least one meritorious student.  The awards are to be distributed in $5,500 increments each year, based upon the student maintaining specific academic targets.


The Dr. Mary Jane Stamm scholarship is one of many offered during the annual “scholarship season” which generally extends from mid January to the end of March.  The application process will be announced on the website as well as in the newsletter.  Scholarships are awarded on Senior Awards Night at the Castro Valley High School. 


Dr. Mary Jane Stamm was born in Hamilton, Washington, on November 7, 1915.  Raised in Eureka, California, she was the only child to two very proud parents, Samuel L. Stamm and Marie L. Stamm.  Samuel was a civil engineer who worked for the lumber industry.

Dr. Stamm’s precocious intellect shined from an early age. Her parents recognized this when they sent their bright daughter to the Annie Wright High School in Tacoma, Washington.  After obtaining her pre-med bachelor degree in zoology from Mills College in 1939, Dr. Stamm entered University of Oregon Medical School.  She was the only woman to graduate in her class of 1943. 

Dr. Stamm’s medical career began in the Bay Area, where she worked at the University of California at San Francisco, SF General, Peralta Hospital, and Hayward Hospital.  Her roots became firmly entrenched in Castro Valley when she was the first woman to open her own medical practice in Castro Valley and the first woman OBGYN on the medical staff of Eden Hospital when it formed in 1954.  

During her life, Dr. Stamm contributed over $470,000 towards four-year college scholarships for Castro Valley High School graduates.  She did this without fanfare or recognition.  Through the $750,000 bequest in her will to the Castro Valley Educational Foundation, her legacy of those Dr. Mary Jane Stamm scholarships will continue in perpetuity for Castro Valley High School graduates.

Dr. Stamm died on February 6, 2007, in Castro Valley. She was 91 years old. She was buried with her parents in Eureka, California.