Without our partners, donors, and sponsors, many of the scholarships, grants, and programs that CVEF supports would not be possible! We appreciate the generosity of our patrons and local establishments that are making a difference in our community.

Visit the 2023 Spring for Education to see who is supporting this year’s event.

Thank you to our 2022 Spring for Education supporters! We could not have raised $20,000 for Wellness Programs across CVUSD schools without you!

Partners in Education

The Partners in Education is a win-win-win program because it:

  • Increases school funding exponentially through purchases made at local establishments. A percentage of each sale (1-20%) will be given directly to the Castro Valley Educational Foundation.
  • Makes it easier for local establishments to connect effective advertising with sales. Minimizes demands on establishments to support different school requests.
  • Streamlines the fundraising process for PTAs and helps to address gaps across schools.

To participate, it takes just 3 steps:

  1. Review the list of current participants.
  2. Visit the establishment(s) and make a purchase.
  3. Tell the salesperson that you are supporting Partners in Education. They will ask you to sign a copy of the receipt to track the sales.

That’s it! The more you visit, the more money you will generate for schools, and the more establishments we will be able to add at the start of the new school year.

If you have questions about how to get involved, contact info@cvef.org.