Our 2023-2024 scholarship application opens on January 17, 2024 at 9pm. Please click on the box below to open the application. The application closes on February 29, 2024 at midnight. Please mark your calendars!


  • Spring of 2024: 76 scholarships, totaling $121,000
  • Spring of 2023: 68 scholarships, totaling $120,000
  • Spring of 2022: 56 scholarships, totaling $115,000
  • Spring of 2021: 56 scholarships, totaling $108,500


To make it easy for the students, Castro Valley Educational Foundation provides ONE application on our website with all the available scholarships available to CVUSD Seniors. In January or February of each year, we have a Scholarship Night for all seniors to learn about what scholarships we are offering that year, and how to apply. Students can apply for one or many scholarships. Some scholarships require a short essay response (2000 characters or approximately 350 words maximum) to tell the sponsor why they qualify for that scholarship, or to answer the sponsor’s question. Seniors will have a window to complete their applications, typically one month. The sponsors or CVEF Scholarship Committee members will review the applications, and choose a winner for each scholarship. The award winners will be announced at Senior Awards night in May. Winners will be given a check or the money will be mailed to their college. The details will depend on the sponsor or scholarship requirements.





Body by
Pam/Kenneth Ey Memorial Scholarship


For a student who exemplifies healthy living habits and inspires others to do so. Please share a personal experience that you had that showed what healthy living means to you.

Body by
Pam/Amelia M. Ey Memorial Scholarship


Open to all students pursuing a two year or technical certificate/training program of any type. Please explain how you would use the money to further your career of choice.

Valley Democratic Club (CVDC) Scholarship

$500 (2)

For a student who is in an accredited vocational or CTE program.  No minimum GPA.  High school graduating seniors only. Sponsor would like winner to attend at least one CVDC meeting. Contact cvdemsclub@gmail.com

Castro Valley Women’s Club Scholarships

$1,000 (3)

For a woman or woman identifying student who has participated in community service, student government and/or extra-curricular activities and who plans to attend a four-year college, community college or accredited vocational school.  Minimum GPA 3.5.  If you would like to qualify for the CV Women’s Club Scholarship, you will be asked to write a short essay about any obstacles you have overcome in order to be at this point in your life.  What or who has inspired you to succeed and pursue your academic dream?  How do you see your academic dream positively affecting your community and/or the world at large?

Charles Duerig Memorial Scholarship 


For an outstanding student who has interests in engineering, band, running sports, Boy Scouts, mountaineering, or attending Cornell University and who has a passion for math, science, and

CVAF Scholarships

$500 (4)

For a student who has made significant contributions to performing arts/visual arts in the Castro Valley Center for the Arts.  The student must have participated in various productions/events held at the Center in drama/performance, choral or instrumental music/performance, artist/exhibit, or technical theater support. You will be asked to list the performances or exhibits that you participated in the Castro Valley Center of the Arts.

CVEF Teaching Scholarship


For an outstanding student seeking a career in teaching.

CVEF Science Scholarship


For an outstanding student who has demonstrated strength in the sciences.

Athletic Boosters Scholarships

$500 (4)

For a student athlete who has participated in varsity sports at CVHS and has used athletics to enrich their lives or the lives of others.  Letter of recommendation required from current or former CVHS or club team coach. You will be asked to describe how participating in high school sports has build
community, and the impact it has had on you and those around you.

CVHS Class
of 91 Public Service


For a student who intends to pursue a career in public service or the not-for-profit sector. You will be asked to describe how you intend to contribute to the public good in your professional career.



For a student who is a member of the PTSA (before 3/5/23) and has demonstrated outstanding community service. To sign up for PTSA, go here.

CV Science

$750 (3)

For students who have demonstrated excellence in science and engineering, with preference towards those demonstrating excellence in Science Olympiad competition. These scholarships are available for any graduating senior from Castro Valley High School planning to attend a 2 or 4 year college or university.  Minimum GPA of 3.0. You will be asked “What’s the most interesting technology that you  think will be developed in your lifetime, and how will you contribute towards it?” (250 words or less)

Diego Perri
Agron Memorial Scholarship

$1,000 (2)

For CVUSD graduating seniors going to a 2 or 4 year college.  Students must be an athlete in the sports of swimming and/or water polo.  No minimum GPA required.  Students will be asked to respond to the following questions: “What are your academic and/or career goals? And describe how your participation on the swim and/or water polo team(s) helped you prepare for your future plans”.  

Donald L.
“Dobie” Gelles Memorial Scholarship 


For a student who will be attending Las Positas College or Chabot College and who intends to pursue a career in primary, secondary or post-secondary education.  This includes teaching, counseling, school administration, special education or other education related profession. 

Dr. Mary
Jane Stamm Memorial Scholarship

$22,000 (2)

Scholarships (renewable for $5,500 per year for a maximum of 4 years for a total of $22,000) to a meritorious student who demonstrates financial need, is a resident of Castro Valley, and has a high school GPA of 3.0. The Dr. Mary Jane Stamm Scholarship funds can only be used for college tuition, and secondarily be used for board and books. Final award of the scholarship is dependent on the award recipient providing the financial aid letter for the school they enroll.  If a student receives a full ride scholarship or financial aid package that covers all of their tuition, they may not be eligible for the Dr. Mary Jane Stamm Memorial Scholarship. You will be asked to write an essay which states both your future college and career plans and how receiving this scholarship would make a difference in your college plans. The awardees are chosen by the CVHS Scholarship Committee and CVEF administers the funds.

Dr. Neal
Fong Memorial Scholarship


For a student who has demonstrated academic excellence, compassion and respect for others, and integrity in personal belief.

The Elliott
Charnow Music Scholarship


For graduating instrumental music students. This scholarship has been created and is supported by the Charnow Family, their friends and CVHS Alumni Musicians to honor the legacy of Elliott Charnow, CVHS instrumental music teacher and director from 1964 through 1972.  Elliott Charnow established – through his love of teaching and his personal example – an atmosphere of musical excellence.  More importantly he taught his students cooperation and respect.  He provided each student musician the tools to succeed as a team and encouraged the character building and bonding that comes from
performing together.  Graduating seniors who have participated in at least one of the various instrumental music performance ensembles – band, marching band, jazz band, string ensemble, orchestra – are encouraged to apply. Applicants must not only exhibit a level of musical talent and proficiency but must demonstrate their participation as a team player and positive role model.  Applicants, please write a short essay describing how your involvement in the instrumental music program at CVHS has impacted your life and describe how your participation inspired your contribution to the program and to your fellow musicians. In addition, please record a short video (2 to 6 minutes) of you playing a piece or excerpt, of your choice, displaying your skill on your primary ensemble musical instrument.

Austin Scholarship


For an African American student who is planning to attend college and is interested in pursuing a career in law or human rights. This scholarship is in honor of Helen Elsie Austin (1908-2004), a lawyer, civil rights activist, assistant attorney general, foreign service officer, and member of the Baha’i Faith who tirelessly worked for truth, justice, and equality across multiple continents. Applicants are requested to answer the following question: “What is the role of justice in building a better world?” 

DeForest Niemcziek Scholarship


For a student who has demonstrated strength of character and a desire to make a difference. You will be asked “How do you want to make a difference in your community and/or the world at large?” 

Joe and
Elaine Pasqual Scholarship

$1,000 (2)

For a student who desires a career as an elementary or secondary educator. You will be asked why you want to become a teacher. Student will be required to have a zoom interview.

Matteucci Memorial Scholarship


For a student who is interested in a career in law enforcement, criminal justice or any career that promotes violence prevention.

Kara Wong
AAPI Scholarship

$500 (2)

For a hardworking, first-generation Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) student. Eligible applicants must be 100% AAPI.  Minimum 3.0 GPA is required as well as demonstrated financial need.  Plans to attend a four-year college, community college or accredited vocational school.  Applicants will be asked to please describe any obstacles you have overcome in order to be at this point in your life and what it means to you to be AAPI.

The Karen
Gelender Social Changemaker Scholarship


The Karen Gelender Social Changemaker Award is a community effort to honor the legacy of Karen Lou Gelender, who passed away in 2020. This award of $5,000 is for a graduating CVUSD senior who is committed to the pursuit of racial and social justice. Students with all post-graduation plans are welcome to apply. Students will be asked to answer the following essay question:

What drives you to make social change and how do you want to forge a path toward justice in your life? Please respond as imaginatively as you like, in any creative medium that inspires you (video, photography, writing, etc. – attachments can be provided in the next question). Your submission can be something you’ve already created and submitted as a project elsewhere.

Kathryn L.
Ragg Memorial Scholarship

$2,500 (2)

For a student interested in the following careers:  teacher, medicine, nursing, or healthcare.  Student applicants must have been accepted into an at least a 2-year program at the time of graduating from a CVUSD High School. Students must demonstrate financial need and have a minimum 3.0 GPA.

The Kiwanis
Key Club Scholarship


The Hayward-Castro Valley Kiwanis Key Club Scholarship is offered to college-bound students who are active members of the CVHS Key Club, who have been involved in extra-curricular activities and who exhibit a passion for community service. Consideration is given to special family circumstances that cause financial hardship. Applicants are asked to submit an essay describing (1) extra-curricular activities (2) Involvement in Community Service Projects (3) Any work experience gained while attending CVHS (4) Participation in Key Club activities (projects, hours, conventions, offices held, etc) and 5) What impact Key Club has had on the applicants life. Please note that the Kiwanis Club will be using their own scholarship application, so contact your Key Club officers for details on how to apply.

Rothwell Memorial Scholarship


For a student attending a 2 year college or vocational school and who has overcome obstacles in their life to achieve their education.  No minimum GPA.  Leslie Rothwell dedicated her career to helping young people as a special education teacher, Principal of Vannoy Grammar School and principal of CV High School.  She was kind, generous, a great listener and always fun to be around. Her life was cut way too short when she got cancer and died on June 15, 2017, at the age of 64. You will be asked to tell us about any obstacles or challenges you overcame to achieve your education.

Lauren C.
Poon, M.D. Memorial Scholarships

Amount & number TBD

For an outstanding student desiring a career in medicine, public health, or the allied health professions.  You will be asked to describe why you desire a career in medicine, public health or other allied health profession.  

Gregory Scholarship


For an African American student who is planning to attend college and is interested in pursuing a career in teaching or some form of education. This scholarship is in honor of Louis George Gregory (1874-1951), an African American lawyer, public speaker, and member of the Baha’i Faith who courageously traveled the US during the Jim Crow era giving lectures on the need for racial justice and unity. Applicants are requested to answer the following question: “What is the role of education in building a better world?”

Margaret Kidd Memorial Scholarship


For a student who is planning on studying Education in college to become a teacher. This scholarship remembers Margaret Kidd, a teacher at Palomares School who was an elementary reading specialist for many years and later became a highly respected Director of Special Education. You will be asked why becoming a teacher is important to you. 

The Mary
Jubb and Barbara Gerwe Memorial Scholarship

$1,000 (3)

In honor of Mary Jubb, who died too young of cancer in 2014, and Barbara Gerwe, who had a long wonderful life.  Mary and Barbara are remembered for their friendly attitudes, compassion, and for always wearing their hearts on their sleeves. This scholarship is for someone who demonstrated above-and-beyond compassion, humor and sincerity for others in a time of need. Extra consideration given to those looking to be nurses, doctors, or other medical careers. Students will be asked to tell us a short story of how you helped someone in a time of need. 

“Dubb” Whitaker Memorial Scholarship


For a high school senior who is currently part of the Leadership program at one of the CVUSD high schools. Students will be asked to tell us how they exhibit positive leadership traits to uplift others. Sponsors may request a video interview with the finalists.

Oh the
Places You’ll Go! Scholarship — In Honor of Amanda Korbas


For an outstanding hard-working student who has the desire to go places. This award recognizes the Korbas Family’s love of travel.  Minimum GPA 3.5. You will be asked “If you could visit anywhere in the world for fun, where would you go and why?”

The Owen
Smith Scholarship


Presented to an outstanding scholar who the Club believes will be an asset to our community in the future. Owen Smith was a member of the Castro Valley Rotary Club from 1961-2014 and served as Club President in 1968-1969. Mr. Smith was a major contributor to the Endowment and has been honored at the highest levels of Rotary locally, nationally, and internationally. He was a self-made entrepreneur and businessman, and his spirit lives on with through this scholarship. The Club is looking for applicants who exhibit that entrepreneurial spirit in their life goals. Mr. Smith was a founding member of The Rotary Club of Castro Valley Endowment and enthusiastically supported its mission since its inception.

The Robert
“Bob” Waberski Scholarship


For a college-bound student who is committed to serving others. Membership in the InterAct Club is a guideline, but not a requirement for the scholarship. The Robert Waberski Vocational Scholarship was established in 2013. Robert (Bob as he preferred to be called) Waberski championed the establishment of the Rotary Club of Castro Valley Endowment in 1988 when he was Club President and was a founding member of its Board of Directors. Bob always enjoyed working with his hands, especially with wood. His neighbors knew him as the go-to-guy for any project with which they needed help. Bob joined the Castro Valley Fire Department in 1959 and worked his way up the ranks until his retirement in 1993 when he was serving as Fire Chief. He was one of the key members responsible for its merge into the Alameda County Fire Department. When Bob passed away in 2016, he left a rich legacy of community service. Bob traveled to many countries promoting Rotary ideals and service. Bob was well known for his sense of humor, his infectious smile, and practical jokes. He believed in and was committed to providing students who wished to have a vocation in the trades or other employment not requiring a four-year degree, the opportunity to receive a vocational scholarship.

The Rotary
Club of Castro Valley Endowment Scholarship


For demonstrating a strong commitment (1) to the Rotary Mission to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty; and (2) of putting the Rotary motto, Service Above Self, into daily practice. Priority will be given to students involved with InterAct and with a financial need to continue their education. The Rotary Club of Castro Valley was established in 1988 to recognize, honor, and financially assist young scholars to continue their

The Sunrise
Rotary Scholarship


In recognition of the former Castro Valley Sunrise Rotary Club. During its existence, the members of the Sunrise Club formed their own endowment and provided scholarships to academically worthy students, who model the spirit exhibited by the Sunrise Rotary Club, their commitment to the community of Castro Valley, and local, national and international service to others. Applicants should be active in InterAct, campus leadership, and/or service within the community, and have a financial need to continue their post-secondary education. In 2013, the Sunrise Rotary Club Endowment merged with the Castro Valley Rotary Club Endowment, and the Sunrise Rotary Club is honored to have a scholarship named in recognition of the historical work of the Club.

Bhat Memorial Scholarship

$1,000 (2)

For a student who has demonstrated experience and is pursuing a career in social impact/justice, with special interest in helping disadvantaged communities. This scholarship is available for any graduating senior from Castro Valley High School planning to attend a 2- or 4-year college or university. Minimum GPA of 3.0. After graduating from UCLA and Santa Clara Law School, Supriya Bhat served as a Public Defender and was dedicated to helping people from all walks of life and ensuring they received fair and just treatment. You will be asked “How have you helped disadvantaged communities and what type of social justice career do you envision pursuing after college?”

Jokerst Memorial Scholarship


For a student in the special education program who wants to continue their education.  This scholarship was established in 2015 by Ed Jokerst and the Castro Valley Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma to honor the late Teri Jokerst. Teri was a dedicated special education teacher at Castro Valley High and a tireless advocate for students with special needs. You will be asked to describe strategies you have learned in your special education classes that will help you meet your educational goals.