What is Friends of Education?

Each year CVEF gives Friends of Education Awards to recognize the wonderful individuals and organizations that make Castro Valley such a special place.

The award is given to the teacher, administrator, classified employee, parent/guardian, or business/organization that has made a difference in our schools. It is reflective on the quality of our community that CVEF receives so many outstanding nominations each year!

Hall of Fame

2023: Dr. Jason Reimann

As the former Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services at CVUSD, Dr. Reimann was recognized for bringing innovation and new ideas to CVUSD’s academic curriculum and pedagogy.┬áHis proven track record of building successful educational programs, expertise in organizational theory, and collaborative leadership made him a great Friend of Education from 2017 to 2023.

2020-2022: Parvin Ahmadi & the CVUSD Board

Parvin Ahmadi, the CVUSD Superintendent, was recgonized for her endless support of our students and for her “ALL means ALL” community inclusiveness and enthusiasm.

CVEF also recognized the CVUSD School Board for their unwavering commitment to our students, especially during the challenging time that included COVID-19 and distance learning.